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Robottraing.Jeffperryforcongress.Com – BRI and Space Security released a new investment service for Syariah Online Trading System (SOTS). The service, D’ONE Syariah, was launched to accommodate the transaction of haplessness over the choice of Sharia shares listed on the Indonesian Exchange of Effect (BEI).

The development of SOTS is expected to add a shariyah investor base in Indonesia. “D’ONE Syariah is the latest online trading platform from the BRI and Space Security, which was specially designed to meet not only the need for infamous online trading facilities that reliable, but also meets the law of syariah,” said the Director General of BRI and the Security of Friderica Widyasari Goddess, Monday (7/12).

He said D’ONE Syariah would make it easier for investors to profit from the stock exchange without fear of violating the Sharia principle. As for some features that have already been adjusted to the Sharia principle among which the running trade only shows the share of Shariah, and the automatic feature of not being able to make a stock purchase outside the Shares, as well as the automatic feature of not being able to make a purchase without the availability of funds.

Friderica explained, the development of D’ONE Syariah is also a step forward for the company to continue developing services on the capital market in support of the BRI program as an Integrated Financial Solution in Indonesia.

“We are working to ensure that security and space industries continue to grow in tandem, and through the extensive network of distribution that the ISP has, we have secured a secure base for further development of the retail market,” the Friderica tutor said.

Latest News Danareksa Online Trading

Perseoran will also continue to socialize and educate people in various cities in Indonesia in order to increase the number of pests. This year, the BRI and Space Security also received a mandate to own the BRI Group employee account and the BRI retail account.

The election of the Bank of BRI as the RDN Provider Bank is due to the superiority of the Bank of BRI as one of the Bank of RDN Administrators who uses the Application Programming Interface (API) to open RDN online. By using the RDN opening API to become more seamless, because No more signed physical documents.

“So investors simply enter their data into online applications, bank account numbers of the BRI, cell phone numbers that have been registered at the BRI Bank and OTP codes then the effect accounts and RDNs will be formed easily,” bright Friderica.

PT and Space Security officially changed the name to PT BIS and Space Security after its shares were purchased by PT Bank of Indonesia (BIS) TBk 67 percent. Director General PT BRI and Space Security, Friderica Widyasari Goddess, says this is a military history.

According to him, space security has a long record in the stock market in Indonesia, and has worked with Indonesia’s Exchange of Effect (BEI) to boost the Indonesian capital market.

For that, his party committed to becoming Indonesia’s best economic growth agent by launching a new service, the Syariah online trading system called the D’One Syariah or D’Ane Syariah online trading system.

“If we look at the figures, it’s interesting how the Indonesian capital market has developed. “When we talk about Syariah a few years ago, everyone says that it’s a very extraordinary phenomenon,” said Frederica in an investment.Sharia rates are increasing in Indonesia’s economy. Recovery, Monday (7/12).

According to him, Islamic finance has always stated some good things in the current covid-19 pandemic situation, by sharing risk instruments such as bonds. In addition, Islamic finance also led the development of these ethical investments, and to bring bA variety of innovations from the traditional bank.

“This destiny of 708 shares in the Indonesian stock market, 444 shares have already been in Sharia or about 64 percent have been in Syria, 52 percent Syrian stock, 66 percent of Syrian stock volume, 67% of Syrian stock trading frequency,” he said.


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That’s what this time it’s been collected in this article under the title and space of online trading of the latest information that you must understand as a beginner trader.

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