Building investment in the capital market – How to Building investment in the capital market

Investment in the capital market promising advantages. However, if there is a step, the stock price plummeted could be a huge blow and could destroy the financial condition of an investor. To reduce this risk, investors are encouraged carefully to collect a portfolio of stocks.

More than five years working in capital markets, the vice-founder & Head of Marketing money cattle Timothy Ronald tips to collect a portfolio on the capital market so that it can be cuan. First, he says investors don’t always follow theory.

For someone new will begin to plunge in the stock market, it’s reasonable if they are based in theory on the world stock.

However, the capital market is a form of volatile conditions that are sometimes far away from the pictures in the book. However, he considered the type of investor risk tolerance and preferences are different, so it will be different the composition of the investment.

“Refers to a theory, You can use the standard deviation. When asked clearly, based on risk and deviation of 30 stocks. But what does this apply to everyone? Should it be worn? Not ” he said, quoted Tuesday (18/9/2021).

Second, the purpose of the investment. All people have their own reasons for the plunge into the stock market. This is the reason that will affect the strategy when investing in the capital market. With the character is very aggressive, Timothy currently 20 years old, has three portfolio.

“But it can’t be applied to everyone. In this way it is a high return but high risk also. The question is, is this suitable for everyone? No. Others are for example already has a child, the family, or other dependencies will not be suitable,” said Timothy.

Therefore, Timothy reminded that potential investors know the reason why he falls in the stock market.

“If You want to build wealth, then choose a concentration. But if you really want to (get) property, then you must choose, then you spend (money) on the straight path”.

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