List of Forex Brokers in Indoensia – Know your agency’s government gave permission for a forex broker in Indonesia? Many people think that opening a forex broker that is published by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). In fact, forex trading is not under the supervision of the FSA. The body that oversees and provides a license to the stockbroker…, … in the agency representative commodities of commerce Indonesia (BAPPEBTI).

BABPEBTI is an agency under the Ministry of Trade of INDONESIA, which basically allowed to regulate trade in the commodities trade, but now has grown to be the regulator of the forex market, crypto, and gold. Any company that wants to present Service forex Trading (broker) for Indonesian citizens must have the permission of the Cofra first. After the company got permission, Baypebti will monitor and evaluate the performance of the company in a sustainable way to ensure its ability to serve the community in accordance with the regulations and rules that apply.

List of booker forex Indonesia terbaru-ter-update can be seen on the website Babpebti. The information on the site including brokers futures only facilitates the trade of shares of a commodity service or broker who provides all the services of the derivatives market, including forex. There are more than 60 companies in the list is complete as of 17 September 2021, among others:

  1. Fintech Forward Futures
  2. PT Deu Calion future (d/h PT Kresna Investa future)
  3. PT Abi commodities future
  4. PT Agrodana futures
  5. PT Asia Trade Point futures
  6. PT Bestprofit futures
  7. PT CCAM Berhangka Indonesia(dh PT Maha Queen futures)
  8. PT Central Capital Futures
  9. Century Investment Futures
  10. PT Indonesia Smart future(d / h PT Foreign Commercial)
  11. PT CGS-CIMB futures
  12. PT Cyber futures
  13. PT eight golden future
  14. PT Didi Max Berhangka
  15. PT Equityworld future
  16. PT account Arthamas Futures (D / h PT Harvest Int)
  17. PT eternity futures
  18. PT Finex futures
  19. PT first State Futures
  20. PT Gatra Mega Berhangka
  21. PT Global Intra futures (D / h PT Global Artha futures)
  22. PT Global Capital Invetama Futures (D / h PT Magnificent of all future)
  23. PT reliable futures of the universe
  24. PT HFX International Futures (D / h PT Fortis Asia futures)
  25. PT ID capital futures
  26. PT Indosukses future
  27. PT Inter Pan Pasifik Futures
  28. PT International Business futures
  29. PT Mitra international futures
  30. PT Jalatama Artha future
  31. PT Java Global Futures (d/h PT hig International Futures)
  32. PT Kontakperkasa future
  33. PT Mahadana Asta Berhangka
  34. PT Maxco Futures
  35. PT Mega Tower Mas future(D / h PT Megagrowth futures)
  36. PT Mentari Mulia Berhangka
  37. PT Midtou Aryacom Futures
  38. PT Monex Investivedindo Futures
  39. PT MRG Mega Futures (d / h pt’s’s askap Futures)
  40. PT Nine Stars futures
  41. PT Octa Invetama Futures (d/h PT Multi Dalia Investama Berjangka)
  42. PT OTM Capital Futures
  43. PT Pacific two thousand futures
  44. PT PG Berhangka
  45. PT Phillip future
  46. PT Premier Equity futures
  47. PT Prima Tangguharta future
  48. PT Rajawali Capital Futures
  49. Financiers PT Rifan
  50. PT Royal Trust futures
  51. PT SAGAFX Sentra future (D / h PT Trust Artha futures)
  52. PT Sentratama Investor Berhangka
  53. PT Sinarmas futures
  54. PT Soegee Futures (D / h PT Harumdana Futures)
  55. PT Solid Gold Berhangka
  56. PT Straits future of Indonesia
  57. Technology Finance futures (d / h Time real Time futures)
  58. PT Topgrowth futures
  59. PT TRFX Garuda Berhangka (d/h Garuda Berjangka)
  60. PT Trijaya Pratama Futures
  61. PT United futures
  62. PT Universal future
  63. PT Valbury Asia futures
  64. PT Victory International Futures
  65. PT wise future international (D / h PT Millennium Stare futures)

Number of forex broker in Indonesia brings its own advantages to the trader. The competition between the broker allows the trader to get the facility of trading forex with cheaper cost as well as consumers increasingly gercep. Forex Broker of the city are also increasingly eager to bring the tools of the trade, the class a advanced level of the world as Carchartist and Trading Central, which will enrich the ammunition in the face of global markets forex.

However, a large number of forex brokers also carries its own risks. In the recent years, often found in cases of extortion by the claims which irresponsible of me as a broker. A warning about the entity trickster is often announced by broker real name of the False and Babpebti. Therefore, traders need to be careful and make sure that we are really dealing with a broker Bappebti.

There are three ways that can be done to confirm the legality of forex Brokers in Indonesia. First, go to the site Ippebti to examine the feasibility of data the company name, license number, address, and intermediaries. Efforts to confirm that it will be useful for you who want to open a forex trading account online. The second alternative, you can come directly to the address of the forex broker company officially registered on the website Babpebti to open a trading account.

Last alternative, you have to explore the universe to listen to the broker reviews forex local. Reviews like that can be made by the broker marketing or their affiliate (Introducing Broker/IB), but can also be created by experienced traders really give testimony of the original. You could make the reviews as reference material or additional considerations before joining a forex broker.

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